Rainbow Trug® Accessories



In 2012 we finally perfected our Mk1 Trug-Lid™. Created by a process called Vacuum Forming, it was an instant hit with customers. However, vacuum forming is a slow and expensive way to manufacture so, encouraged by sales and customer feedback, we invested in a 6 impression injection mould tool. This allowed us to produce higher volumes at a reduced cost and produce them in a range of colours.


Our first accessory was the Trug-Riddle™ in 2011. Initially designed for a specific customers need to sieve wood shavings in an industrial environment, we also saw the need for sieving homemade composts and topsoil.


Schools and pre-schools are a regular user of Rainbow Trugs® including our 25 litre shallow dish trug for messy play. A sturdy stand at just the right height was an obvious need that we managed to design and manufacture with the help of a local metal fabrication company.